Emil J Freireich Cancer Center/Apollo Hospital plans November opening


A specialty hospital dedicated to treating cancer patients in North Houston with professional medical expertise, state-of-the-art technology and personalized service is finishing construction and preparing for its official opening this fall.

The Emil J Freireich Cancer Center/Apollo Hospital System is scheduled to open at 9201 Pinecroft in Shenandoah Nov. 15. Apollo will offer patients exceptional medical treatment and oncology-rated services in a relaxed, more convenient setting,” said hospital CEO Fawn Creighton. “Our goal is to make treatment more accessible and less stressful – without compromising quality of care.”

Patient services at the 30,000-squarefoot facility include chemotherapy, bioimmunotherapy, 24-hour infusion therapy and radiation therapy as well as imaging, laboratory and on-site pharmacy services.

The Emil J Freireich Cancer Center/ Apollo Hospital System boasts the latest in technology with the availability of a 128-Slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner. The unit is capable of scanning the entire body in seconds, providing detailed 3D images of organs and structures inside the human body.

“This technology enables physicians to spot small tumors that would otherwise go undetected by CT-64 scanners and older technology. Apollo will be the only hospital in North Houston to have it available,” said Asit Choksi, founder and majority owner of Apollo.

The Emil J Freireich Cancer Center/Apollo Hospital System will offer a comprehensive Breast Center that will include: Tomosynthesis Mammography with a new State of the Art Hologic System Stereotactic and Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies 3Tesla Breast MRI Technology Medical and Radiation Oncology Consultations Bone Density Scans Genetic Testing On-site Breast Radiologists The Emil J Freireich Cancer Center/Apollo Hospital System is named for a pioneer in cancer research and a professor of medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

“We are honored that Dr. Freireich is allowing his name to be associated with our cancer treatment and hospital facility,” said Choksi. “He’s a highly respected member of the medical community who has done much for cancer research.”

Metzger Construction Co. of Houston is performing $3.3 million in renovations to the building – set for a November opening, Creighton said – in which the Emil J Freireich Cancer Center/Apollo Hospital System will operate.

Upon completion, the Apollo Hospital will offer inpatient beds, a VIP suite, an emergency department, observation unit, two operating rooms and a procedure room.

“Apollo will consolidate quality medical treatment services in a more convenient ‘one-stop’ location in The Woodlands,” said Creighton. “We want to reduce the stress caused by driving all over Houston for doctor visits, treatments and filling of prescriptions.”

Boutique, specialty hospitals offer patients the benefit of more personalized treatment, added Creighton.

“Many hospitals offer excellent care, but you’re treated like a number throughout your treatment,” she said. “At Emil J Freireich Cancer Center/Apollo Hospital System, we’re committed to personal service as well as the best possible medical care available.” ▼