Senator John Cornyn discusses healthcare reform

On a recent fundraising trip in Houston, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, attended a luncheon event at the home of Dr. Asit Choksi, founder of Apollo Hospital in The Woodlands and Greater Houston Physicians Medical Association. Civic leaders, physicians and healthcare professionals then toured Apollo Hospital and discussed the realities behind the escalating cost of healthcare in America − and what could be done about it. The discussion focused on:

  • Cutting down middleman profits − addressing the amount of money absorbed by insurance, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers.
  • Reduce red tape − healthcare delayed is healthcare denied when restrictive policies are imposed by outside, nonmedical agencies.
  • Self-funded insurance options − broker fees and administrative costs are forcing premiums up.
  • Amend ObamaCare − driving the public to expensive insurance programs does little to reduce the cost of healthcare.

Sen. Cornyn has a very public stance in opposition to ObamaCare and his website ( lists his position on a wide range of healthcare issues: making healthcare more affordable by addressing rapidly rising costs; allowing individuals more choices to select a plan that fits their needs; insuring access to insurance for those with pre-existing conditions; and protecting the doctor-patient relationship and saving Medicare.

Next month: a detailed review of the outcome of the meeting between Sen. Cornyn and Houston area medical professionals on restoring accountability and transparency to the U.S. healthcare system.