FDA approved wireless pacemaker

Being the first patient in the Houston area to receive the FDA approved wireless pacemaker, the witty Maurine Hall plans to not miss a beat when she turns 92 this month. At Tomball Regional Medical Center, Dr. Arsalan Shahzad implanted the new pacemaker equipped with wireless technology that can alert physicians of serious changes in their patients’ condition.

The latest technology was developed by St. Jude Medical to improve patient care and make device follow-up more efficient and convenient for both patients and physicians.

The pacemaker is the first pacemaker with automatic test results and complete diagnostics that can be accessed via wireless communication in a clinic or from the patient’s home.

Pacemakers previous to this wireless technology were checked a few times a year, but now a physician can receive daily alerts on important changes in a patient’s condition. With this type of real time information, the physician can act quickly to address any changes or issues that may arise.

A transmitter is used to download and capture information every day and is plugged into a telephone outlet at home. The wireless transmission can be programmed for international travel as well.

“The Accent RF pacemaker and Anthem RF CRT-P are representative of St. Jude Medical’s dedication to providing early insight into actionable information for physicians,” said Eric S. Fain, M.D., president of the St.

Jude Medical Cardiac Rhythm Management Division. “The pacemakers were designed in response to physician and patient needs for devices that provide timely, actionable information. Using the remote monitoring capabilities, physicians can more efficiently follow patients, while patients enjoy the convenience of care from home.” The physician can then be notified by text message, fax, email or phone call about the patient’s status.