3-Share and St. Joseph Medical Center to help Texas’ uninsured

Nearly 25% of Texans are without health care benefits.

St. Joseph Medical Center is proud to be among the hospitals that the state of Texas selected to work with the TexHealth Harris County 3-Share Plan to provide healthcare services for the anticipated 5,000 enrollees in this new plan.

“As the largest physician owned hospital in the nation, St. Joseph is very proud to have been selected by Texas to assist in the launch of this new plan,” said Phillip D. Robinson, CEO at St. Joseph. “As we move into our 123rd year of serving the people of Houston, this is just one more first we are able to offer to those who need access to quality medical care.”

Created to provide health insurance coverage for the Harris County employees who are employed by companies with between 2 and 50 people on the payroll, the 3-Share Plan will have the cost of the plan covered by the employer, the employee and Harris County.

“Small employers will now be able to share the costs of in providing healthcare benefits for their employees,” said Robinson. “The Institute of Medicine has reported that the lack of health insurance causes roughly 18,000 unnecessary deaths every year in the United States. Here at St. Joseph, we are convenient to bus and rail lines, and we offer all the services of a general acute-care hospital in one easy-to-access location – all of which will greatly benefit the 3-Share Program.”

The 3-Share Program is a low-cost health plan that will provide insurance to 5,000 covered lives and roughly 70-80 percent of those lives will be enrolled with Community Health Choice, a managed care company with whom St. Joseph has just renegotiated a new two-year extended contract. As Houston’s only downtown hospital that has traditionally provided care for the underserved, St. Joseph is “happy to assist with this program for our community,” according to Robinson.

The plan will focus on preventative care and wellness, and will include coverage for physician visits, medications, specialty care, mental health care, the management of the patient care and limited hospitalization. All eligibility requirements will be determined by Community Health Choice.