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Legal news of the health care industry professional

In Legal Affairs, industry experts cover all pertinent legal issues that physicians and hospitals face. Late breaking news on local healthcare related settlements, law suits, legislation changes, and court cases are also featured in this column.

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When should employers require employment agreements?
Civil Monetary Penalties Law: Provider-based billing settlements and increased penalties
Texas mayor and three others charged with health care fraud
Five ways HR can improve an executive team’s mileage by “pumping the brakes” before making important employment decisions
ACA’s nondiscrimination provision and the shifting tides of healthcare regulation
Proposed rule will eliminate and offset reduction resulting from Two Midnight Policy
Learn from another person’s mistake and do not overlook HIPAA
CMS publishes final rule regarding obligation to report and refund overpayments
Teladoc vs. the Texas Medical Board: Challenging the regulation of telemedicine
2016 OIG Work Plan: what does it mean for hospitals?
CMS publishes new exceptions and several clarifications to Stark Law
HIPAA and the importance of adopting and enforcing ePHI protections
New legislation affecting Texas hospitals: part 2
New legislation affecting Texas hospitals
Fourth Circuit upholds $237 million judgment against rural hospital
King v. Burwell: The Supremes rule in the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act
Practical guidance for compliance plan oversight programs
Covenants not to compete
NPDB releases a revised version of the NPDB Guidebook
OIG issues unfavorable advisory opinion on laboratory/physician practice arrangement
Court finds that violation of condition of participation is not the basis for an FCA suit
Court dismisses doctor’s ADA claims against hospital system
OIG releases work plan for FY 2015
OIG signals more lenient view on certain arrangements in proposed rule
Update on CMS settlement offer with hospitals to resolve inpatient status appeals
Texas Supreme Court agrees with physician and hospital in dismissing late-filed lawsuit
Stark demands strict compliance
OIG expresses suspension of arrangements between labs and physicians
CMS issues final rule streamlining Medicare regulatory requirements for hospitals and other providers
Important legal issues with hospitals and compounded medications
Halifax Hospital Settlement: Scrutiny of relationships between hospitals and physicians
Final rule expands individuals’ access rights to laboratory test results
In Texas, healthcare privacy protections are bigger than HIPAA
Court finds that physician with staff privileges qualifies as an employee under EMTALA
Staying informed: how to avoid liability for exclusionary violations
OCR posts last minute guidance for implementation of Omnibus Rule
HIPAA Omnibus Rule imposes new standards in handling potential breaches of health info
How to avoid liability
Rights every nurse should know: Incident-based nursing peer review
Fungal meningitis outbreak compounds the regulatory climate for pharmacies
OCR joins the team of federal auditors
Health Care Provider's Legal Requirements for 2012
Age-related impairments: denial is not the answer
Federal Appellate Court weighs in on data bank reporting
Issues of immediacy in the new health care reform legislation
Reporting physician impairment: It’s a tough call
Texas Medical Board adopts new rules
Tougher penalties for HIPAA breaches
The Inspector General posts this year’s most-wanted list
Houston-area legislators lauded by hospitals
Delinquent medical records