Baylor begins emergency medicine program at Ben Taub Hospital

Baylor College of Medicine has created an emergency medicine program within the Department of Medicine, with main operations at Ben Taub General Hospital, part of the Harris County Hospital District. The addition means emergency patients at Ben Taub Hospital will receive round-the-clock care from world-class emergency specialists on site.

Under the leadership of Shkelzen Hoxhaj, MD, medical director, Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Center (a Level 1 trauma center), and interim chief, Emergency Medicine at Baylor, the first round of emergency medical residents through the program could begin in 2011.

“A new emergency medicine program is vital to the city of Houston. Most cities of this size have more than six emergency medicine training programs and Houston has only one,” Hoxhaj said. “We hope to expand the quality and access to emergency specialist in this city and region in the future.”