Chevron grant to strengthen patient care throughout Romania

Chevron, the global health nonprofit AmeriCares and the Baylor College of Medicine International Pediatric AIDS Initiative at Texas Children’s Hospital (BIPAI) have teamed up to address the gap in health care resources in Romania through strengthened patient care and increased access to life-saving medications.

Chevron Romania has made a multi-year commitment to AmeriCares and BIPAI’s Romanian NGO affiliate, the Baylor College of Medicine Black Sea Foundation, to increase the availability of medications and medical supplies at selected public and private hospitals in Romania.

AmeriCares began providing lifesaving anti-retroviral medications, anti-infectives and nutritional supplements to families receiving care at the Baylor College of Medicine Black Sea Foundation Centre of Excellence in Constanta, Romania in 2004.

With the new Chevron partnership, BIPAI and AmeriCares will expand the donation of medication and medical supplies to a network of qualified health care institutions across Romania, by increasing BIPAI Romania’s capacity to manage larger quantities of donations on behalf of its own clinical center as well as additional health care institutions with identified resource needs throughout Romania.

To date, AmeriCares has supported BIPAI Romania’s health care programs with gift-in- kind donations valued at $41 million. AmeriCares began working in Romania in 1988 and since that time has delivered a total of $228 million worth of medical aid to qualified hospitals and clinics across the country. The Chevron partnership will enable AmeriCares and BIPAI to extend humanitarian support to even more beneficiaries across Romania.