CHRISTUS Health announces joint venture with Velocity Care increasing accessibility and convenience

CHRISTUS Health announced recently that it has formed a joint venture with Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Centers. The urgent care organization has four locations in Shreveport, LA, Bossier City, LA, and in Little Rock, AR.

This agreement is another way in which CHRISTUS Health remains committed to offering convenient, high-quality care with plans for future expansion of urgent care and freestanding emergency departments.

“We are excited to partner with Velocity because it enables us to continue to accelerate our efforts to make health care more accessible and affordable for all of our patients,” said Paul Generale, Senior Vice President of Financial Operations and Ambulatory Services for CHRISTUS Health. “We will continue to offer innovative health solutions and this partnership will allow both CHRISTUS Health and Velocity to build upon our unique strengths and effectively collaborate as partners to meet the needs of the Shreveport, Bossier, and Little Rock communities.”

The new joint venture combines the expertise of two well-respected physicians, Dr. John Soud and Dr. John McLean, along with CHRISTUS Health, a leading Catholic faith-based health care system.

“Creating an ER experience for our patients that is less time-consuming and less expensive and that is patient-friendly has always been our goal,” explained Dr. John McLean. “We realize about seventy percent of those patients going to the emergency room could be seen in another setting.”

Because of this, the two physician owners came up with their mission statement: “delivering exceptional, compassionate, and efficient health care to every patient every time.”

“We attribute success to being a patientfriendly and patient-centered environment,” said Dr. John Soud. “We provide fast, highquality, timely and affordable urgent medical treatment for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses on our patient’s schedule, with convenient hours.”

The centers will provide care for urgent medical problems and occupational medicine when patients can not be seen quickly by their physician but more specifically for those wanting to avoid long wait times in the emergency room.

“We know medical emergencies don’t always happen during regular Monday through Friday office hours. Our goal with this partnership is to help people feel better quickly so they can get back to more important matters,” said Brad Hamilton, Vice-President of Ambulatory Services for CHRISTUS Health.

Hamilton added that “This partnership means we will be able to meet patient needs. We will be filling the middle ground between primary care physicians and hospital emergency departments.”

Isaac Palmer, Chief Executive Officer for CHRISTUS Health Shreveport-Bossier, believes caring for the community means a continued commitment to better access and superior quality.

“We’ll continue to be a true leader in the communities we serve because we know convenience and compassion come first,” Palmer explained. “We are bringing together customer-driven health care and innovative medical technologies every day in this region. This partnership is another example of our desire to meet today’s high demand for better health, better health care and at a more affordable cost.”