Houston Northwest Medical Center - specialized services just for children

At Houston Northwest Medical Center’s dedicated pediatric unit, everything and everybody is focused on the children. From a pediatric hospitalist and specially trained nurses, to private suites and a kid-friendly menu, parents can rest assured knowing that their child is receiving personalized care in an environment specifically designed for pediatric patients.

Each child is cared for by a pediatric hospitalist, a pediatrician who specializes in the care of children admitted to a hospital. The hospitalist program provides numerous benefits for patients, such as having a pediatrician on call 24 hours a day and available day or night, seven days a week to monitor a child’s condition. Having access to a hospital with a pediatric hospitalist program allows parents to consult with a doctor more readily about any concerns they may have about their child’s condition. Under traditional practices, patients might see their doctors once a day during routine rounds. A pediatric hospitalist can modify treatment or follow up on a test result rather than waiting until the next day. This handson approach may not only prevent medical complications, but also could result in shorter hospital stays.

In addition to receiving care designed specifically for children, the hospital’s pediatric unit offers numerous child-friendly amenities. The dedicated unit offers spacious rooms decorated to help make a child’s stay more comfortable and sleeping accommodations in the room are available for a parent. Wi-Fi access is provided in each room, as well as a plasma television with video games and an unlimited complimentary movie package. Another amenity that can help children maintain a sense of normalcy while in the hospital is a toy-filled playroom where young patients can play and be less distracted about being away from home. A dedicated menu is offered from which children can select their favorite foods (with guidance from their physician and parents).