spinal tumor removal restores patient’s mobility

A first-of-its kind surgery at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital has restored a patient’s ability to walk. Dr. Rajesh Bindal, neurosurgeon on staff at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, performed the surgery on a patient who was suffering from a benign tumor on her spinal cord that caused paralysis in her legs.

The delicate, three-hour surgery was the first spinal tumor removal ever performed in Fort Bend County, another in a line of “medical firsts” for Dr. Bindal and Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. He used specially designed micro-surgical equipment to remove the large tumor that was growing from the dura mater, the membrane that forms the outer layer of the spinal cord and nerve roots.

“The tumor had grown large enough to press on the spinal cord itself, which was causing the paralysis,” Dr. Bindal said. “Of course, surgery of this kind must be very precise. We are fortunate here at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital to have the necessary technology and the skilled nursing staff to undertake these types of procedures.”

The patient was referred to Dr. Bindal by neurologist Dr. Todd Lynn, who made the original diagnosis. After three months of physical therapy, she was walking on her own. “It’s amazing to see the patient go from being paralyzed to walking in a few short months,” says Dr. Bindal.