Interview questions for the administrator position


At some point, your physician medical practice may need to hire a new office manager or administrator (I am assuming you know the difference between the two). During the interview process, the questions you ask your applicants are crucial to making the right hire. I have put together a few questions below to ask your applicant during his or her interview. You might not use all of them, but I suggest trying to use most of them.

Applicant Name: _________________

Date: ________ Grade: _________


To the Interviewer: Ask the applicant to respond to the following:

Quote the mission statement of a recent employer and tell us about one or more ways you helped fulfill it.

Describe a challenge you have faced in dealing with a physician governing board and how you dealt with it.

Tell us about the professional organizations in which you participate.

Describe your continuing education activities in the past year.

Given a budget for your own professional education, what areas would you seek education in to be better able to serve this practice?

Describe the professional achievement of which you are proudest.

What would your recommended budget ratios be, as a percentage of revenues, for labor, facilities, and marketing, for a practice similar to the one you left, and why?

Describe how you believe a practice should optimally use its CPA and attorney.

Describe how you might correct an overbudget situation in any one fiscal quarter.

In your opinion, what are the most important financial benchmarks to monitor on an ongoing basis. Specifically, what revenue cycle benchmarks should be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Describe how you would monitor our overhead to make sure costs are contained and efficient.

A part-time temporary person wishes to be an independent contractor rather than an employee. Explain how you would determine if this were feasible and the risks to the practice.

List the regulatory issues/agencies with which a medical group needs to monitor compliance.

Describe the most common internal controls for a medical practice.