HealthOne Emergency Care and Regional Transfer Center

HCA Houston renames its free-standing emergency care centers as “HealthOne Emergency Care” and establishes a new HealthOne Regional Transfer Center to link the HCA Houston hospitals and HealthOne Emergency Care centers.

To HCA Houston, however, this is no simple name change. It reflects a growing network of emergency services available throughout Greater Houston, which will provide convenient, quality care to the communities that it serves within its healthcare system.

“For 40 years, HCA has been a part of this community; we have helped care for a generation of Texans,” said Maura Walsh, HCA Gulf Coast Division President. “HealthOne Emergency Care and the Regional Transfer Center help us continue that tradition, but it also represents our continuing efforts to provide quality care to more people in more places. We want to be the one place for quality, friendly care close to home.”

In part, HCA Houston developed HealthOne Emergency Care to complement its 9 affiliated hospitals throughout the Houston area. Its HealthOne Emergency Care centers — open 24 hours a day, seven days a week — help reduce the overcrowding found in traditional hospital emergency departments. This assures faster, quality care for those in need of medical attention. Centers are currently located in Pasadena and Pearland.

HealthOne Emergency Care provides a comprehensive range of emergency medical services for adults and children. Centers are staffed with board-certified physicians and equipped with diagnostic imaging capabilities. They can treat a variety of ailments, from infection to broken bones.

To link the hospitals and HealthOne Emergency Care centers within its HCA Houston community healthcare network, HCA Houston has also established the new HealthOne Regional Transfer Center, which is located on the campus of HCA Affiliated The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. It is a onestop- shop for patient transportation to and from the hospitals and other health care facilities. Beyond physical transportation, it helps streamline physician communication and patient data, all of which makes medical care more efficient and improves patient safety.

The HealthOne Regional Transfer Center has a dedicated transport team that supports the transportation of adult, pediatric, neonate and high-risk OB/GYN patients. HCA Houston is currently the only provider in the city that has a dedicated highrisk OB/GYN transport team. Presently, the center is supported by dedicated ground transportation and has a new air ambulance available. With the addition of the air ambulance, the HealthOne Regional Transfer Center will be able to coordinate patient transportation between HCA Houston hospitals that will cover approximately 150 square miles of the Houston area. Gallas Plastic Surgery & Vein Center announces the construction of Katy’s first state-of-the-art Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Gallas Plastic Surgery & Vein Center and Dr. Mennen T. Gallas, MD, FACS, announces the construction of a new facility specifically designed for cosmetic surgery. The 7000 square foot facility will be located at 21300 Provincial Blvd. in the Provincial Professional/Medical Park complex.

The building is scheduled to be fully operational by spring 2009. This facility will be the area’s first center designed exclusively for cosmetic procedures.

“Our new specialized facility and equipment will give our patients the greatest comfort and peace of mind possible,” added Dr. Gallas. “Specialization also gives our patients unmatched convenience, saving them both time and money, in a peaceful, hassle-free environment.”

“Gallas Plastic Surgery & Vein Center is unique because it is specifically built for cosmetic surgery procedures,” said Joey Kilcommins, superintendent for the building. “Hospital operating and recovery rooms by necessity must accommodate all types of surgeries and patients with various needs.”